Goal digging

I ran across this photo on a friend’s Facebook page this morning and it spoke to my soul.(quite loudly I might add)  If you haven’t met my friend Joey Little at LiveALittle on Facebook and Twitter (@SocialLittleMan) then you are missing out.  I’m going to do my best to get him in here for a guest post because everyone should hear what his message is all about.

Anyway, he’s the one who put the picture up in our group this morning and it got me thinking.  I’ve been complacent and dare I say even lazy about my goals in life lately.  I feel like I’m just sitting on the sidelines in my own life and letting it all just pass me by.  And the worst part is, I’ve been doing this for a very long time.  I’ve gotten comfortable letting other people sit in the driver’s seat of my world and steer me in any direction they want me to go.  My sole focus in life is making sure everyone else’s needs are taken care of which is fine.  I’m always a mother first.  But what about me……. Shouldn’t I be a priority too.  Somewhere along the way of this busy life I’m leading I’ve completely forgotten about myself.  I thought losing the weight would take care of everything that was “wrong” with me.  To a certain extent it sort of did.  I came back out of a shell I hid in for a very long time.  80 pounds is a pretty large shell that I’ve shed.  But, this whole time I worked on my outside never thinking once about what was happening on the inside.  I’ve grown as a person during the last few years and during all that growth I was completely absent.  Now here I am, my mind rolling with the things I wanted to do but never did.  Playing catch up.  Taking the first step I hear is always the hardest.  Figuring out what my first step should be is easy.  I have to get back into writing again.  I need to take some classes and get back into a groove that has become a little rusted.  I have some fears that have to be faced head on because frankly I’m tired of always being so scared of everything.  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me………

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Shouldn’t this be how we live each day?


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10 Plant-Based Sources of Protein + How to Prepare Tasty Veggies!

Found this article while looking up more ways to get protein into the vegan/plant based diet.  I’ve noticed lately my body has been feeling like it needs more protein than I’ve been giving it so in my trying to gain info on plant based protein I’m passing along what I’m learning in hopes of helping anyone else who’s feeling a little deficient.  Working on also trying out some vegan protein shakes but haven’t had much luck with any of the ones I bought.  The 2 I’ve tried so far have been just plain out gross actually.  So, I’m going to keep looking and hopefully I will find a replacement for the Muscle Milk chocolate that I’m missing so bad.

10 Plant-Based Sources of Protein + How to Prepare Tasty Veggies!.


Enjoy your weekend lovelies,


My search for good protein sources have led me to Hemp Seeds. They’re actually amazing!

As a runner and a weight lifter (and Yogi…I could keep going) I know how important protein is to the body.  Before going vegan I used protein shakes and Greek yogurt.  But now, things have gotten seemingly more difficult trying to keep up with my always active body.  In my quest to try to add more protein in my diet for my ever changing muscles I started doing my research.  That research led me to Hemp Seeds and you guys………these things are amazing!!

Hemp seeds are a complete protein which means they have all 20 known amino acids which is difficult to find in plant products.  Here are some stats:

Per 4 tbsp. (42 grams)

246 calories

11.4 grams Omega 6    3.6 grams Omega 3

2.7 grams mono-unsaturated fats

2.1 grams saturated fats

15 grams protein

2.5 grams fiber

4.5 grams carbs

no cholesterol

Vitamins B1, B6, B12, D,E

calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, zinc, carotene, phospholipids, phytosterols, potassium,

phosphorus, enzymes, antioxidants, GLA’s


They have more digestible protein than animal sources, rich in Vitamin E, Increases energy levels and the metabolic rate, Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and blood pressure, Improves cardiovascular function and circulation, Helps with organ functions, Boosts immunity (with cold/flu season coming up who couldn’t use this), Helps with PMS and cramps (big yay in my book), Helps with the inflammation and symptoms of arthritis, Improves muscle recovery after exercise, Helps with dry skin and hair, Reduces degenerative diseases through prevention measures


So, as you can see these little seeds are a powerhouse when it comes to fueling the busy vegan athlete.  When paired with other sources of good vegan proteins like vegetable, legumes, other seeds and nuts, non-dairy milks (maybe try hemp milk too), grains (especially quinoa) and algae (spirulina and chlorella) you can build the perfect vegan diet high in protein to fuel your body and help you recover from whatever it is you like to get out there and do.

Have a great holiday weekend,


Running as therapy

You can’t run away from your problems.  Problems have a way of quickly finding you and devouring you like a candy bar during PMS. Stress builds and takes over your every thought until you’re a hot mess.  I’ve been there, actually I am there.  I could go to the doctor, get a prescription, maybe go into therapy.  I’ve chosen not to do that.  Not that there is anything wrong with seeking help, it’s not.  Some people can’t manage their symptoms on their own.  I wish my brother had sought help before he decided to take his own life.  Maybe he would still be here.  And maybe our family wouldn’t still be hurting after many years. 

In my case I’ve decided to go towards a more natural approach to my anxiety/minor depression.

I started running.

Running, whether it’s on a street or a treadmill, can act as an antidepressant.  The physical activity of pounding foot to ground is stress relieving in itself.  Running boosts brain activity and mental clarity like nothing else in this world.  After I have a good run I notice I’m way more productive for the rest of the day.  I feel more on my game.  And the sadness that I have built up inside of me, well it’s not there at least for awhile.  I leave all my worries and my problems on that street or treadmill as many days a week as I can manage.  Taking the steps I have with my diet as well has helped.  Going vegan and upping the plant foods I eat has had an extremely positive effect on my brain.  Between this and the running, managing my thoughts has gotten a lot easier.  Not to say that I don’t still get sad from time to time, it’s just easier to deal with especially when I can hit the treadmill in the basement and run it out. 

So, if you have feelings like mine or just need a better way to deal with this world try running and maintaining a plant based diet.  If you’re anything like me it will change your world immensely.

Best wishes for a great weekend,


Vegan Vent

This Is AWESOME!!!


I’m a fairly new vegan. And I am certainly no expert on nutrition. It took a lot of googling, trying, tasting, asking and arguing to find out everything I know now about how to eat a balanced plant based diet that works for ME. And harms no living creatures. Except my housemate who eats all my dark chocolate. He will be harmed.

Along this enlightening journey, I’ve come across a few common points of contention between vegans, veggies and meaties. The rest of this post will either make you laugh and nod your head knowingly or sigh in exasperation and close the browser window.

  • Non vegans LOVE to preach to us about how we are deficient in all these different vitamins. It’s hard to believe I am still alive with all the darn deficiencies I have, huh?

Yes, some vegans take vitamins, but so does every upper middle class person in the world!…

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Watermelon Drinks for Sultry Summer Days (GF/DF/V/NS)

These look awesome! Reblogging to share recipes 🙂 Denise

What IF...? Gourmet

The fall semester started this week in Universityland, and Mother Nature rolled out the high heat and humidity as if concerned we might all forget it is still technically summer.  The mammoth watermelons in our CSA share provide a sweet, refreshing, and hydrating antidote to the oppressive weather. Sadly, the Gent is allergic to all melons, so I’m on my own enjoying these treats. I love fresh, plain watermelon straight up, but with so much to eat, I have taken to removing the seeds, chopping the pink flesh into chunks, and freezing it to enjoy later, too.  Here are three refreshing ways to use frozen watermelon for a cool summer treat.

Watermelon Cream Cooler, garnished with mint. Watermelon Cream Cooler, garnished with mint.

Watermelon Cream Cooler

2 cups frozen watermelon chunks

1/2 cup chilled coconut milk

1 cup cold water

4 to 5 large mint leaves

Combine ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree until frothy. Serve immediately.

Green Watermelon Chiller, garnished with lemon balm. Green Watermelon…

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