Eating healthy and vegan on a budget

I hear this all the time, but doesn’t eating healthy and vegan cost more at the store.  The notion that eating healthy, organic and meatless food costs more is a lie.  It’s a lie that people who don’t want to change their habits say to deflect.  My huge bunch of organic kale was $2 which I know for certain is cheaper than a Big Mac or Whopper and I can get days out of that kale. That Big Mac won’t last 5 minutes. Not eating fast food affords me more money to grocery shop with.  And truthfully, that crap that they have at the fast food chains is killing people slowly and viciously.  Plus, my kale is more versatile than that greasy meat slab on a bun. I can do kale salad, kale smoothies, kale chips……..the list goes on.  Eating healthy doesn’t cost more.  You just have to have your priorities straight when it comes to food.  You can’t get much cheaper than rice and beans and as long as the rice is brown it’s a very healthy meal.  I love rice with any kind of bean (which I buy dry and cook myself in the crockpot, way cheaper than cans and no preservatives or sodium).  Quinoa is not that expensive and the protein content in that is really good and when paired with a bean is a great meal.  Fruits are not that expensive.  I buy whatever is on sale that week and use that in my smoothies or just to cut up and eat.  And, bananas are always cheap.  I’m always finding that various lettuces and veggies are on sale each week too so again I just buy on sale and use that in whatever I’m doing for that week. 

I have 3 kids so I know how hard it is to stretch a budget.  I’m there.  I’ve had to do it for 15 years on a military salary (which isn’t pretty).  But, if you take advantage of sales and coupons anyone can eat vegan and healthy organic food.  You just have to check those sales papers. 🙂 Don’t let the fear of it being too expensive keep you from making that first step and if you need guidance on eating vegan on the cheap then hit me up and I will be glad to help.

Squishy vegan hugs,



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