10 Plant-Based Sources of Protein + How to Prepare Tasty Veggies!

Found this article while looking up more ways to get protein into the vegan/plant based diet.  I’ve noticed lately my body has been feeling like it needs more protein than I’ve been giving it so in my trying to gain info on plant based protein I’m passing along what I’m learning in hopes of helping anyone else who’s feeling a little deficient.  Working on also trying out some vegan protein shakes but haven’t had much luck with any of the ones I bought.  The 2 I’ve tried so far have been just plain out gross actually.  So, I’m going to keep looking and hopefully I will find a replacement for the Muscle Milk chocolate that I’m missing so bad.

10 Plant-Based Sources of Protein + How to Prepare Tasty Veggies!.


Enjoy your weekend lovelies,