Goal digging

I ran across this photo on a friend’s Facebook page this morning and it spoke to my soul.(quite loudly I might add)  If you haven’t met my friend Joey Little at LiveALittle on Facebook and Twitter (@SocialLittleMan) then you are missing out.  I’m going to do my best to get him in here for a guest post because everyone should hear what his message is all about.

Anyway, he’s the one who put the picture up in our group this morning and it got me thinking.  I’ve been complacent and dare I say even lazy about my goals in life lately.  I feel like I’m just sitting on the sidelines in my own life and letting it all just pass me by.  And the worst part is, I’ve been doing this for a very long time.  I’ve gotten comfortable letting other people sit in the driver’s seat of my world and steer me in any direction they want me to go.  My sole focus in life is making sure everyone else’s needs are taken care of which is fine.  I’m always a mother first.  But what about me……. Shouldn’t I be a priority too.  Somewhere along the way of this busy life I’m leading I’ve completely forgotten about myself.  I thought losing the weight would take care of everything that was “wrong” with me.  To a certain extent it sort of did.  I came back out of a shell I hid in for a very long time.  80 pounds is a pretty large shell that I’ve shed.  But, this whole time I worked on my outside never thinking once about what was happening on the inside.  I’ve grown as a person during the last few years and during all that growth I was completely absent.  Now here I am, my mind rolling with the things I wanted to do but never did.  Playing catch up.  Taking the first step I hear is always the hardest.  Figuring out what my first step should be is easy.  I have to get back into writing again.  I need to take some classes and get back into a groove that has become a little rusted.  I have some fears that have to be faced head on because frankly I’m tired of always being so scared of everything.  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me………

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Shouldn’t this be how we live each day?


photo 2

photos from Facebook


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