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I’m a fairly new vegan. And I am certainly no expert on nutrition. It took a lot of googling, trying, tasting, asking and arguing to find out everything I know now about how to eat a balanced plant based diet that works for ME. And harms no living creatures. Except my housemate who eats all my dark chocolate. He will be harmed.

Along this enlightening journey, I’ve come across a few common points of contention between vegans, veggies and meaties. The rest of this post will either make you laugh and nod your head knowingly or sigh in exasperation and close the browser window.

  • Non vegans LOVE to preach to us about how we are deficient in all these different vitamins. It’s hard to believe I am still alive with all the darn deficiencies I have, huh?

Yes, some vegans take vitamins, but so does every upper middle class person in the world!…

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