Spotlight on one of my dream races- The Hot Chocolate15k

I have a list, a complete whole list of races I want to run.  It’s a crazy obsession of mine.  I haven’t even ran my first race yet still I have a list.  That all changes next year,  My plan is a full race schedule including some of these dream races.  Here’s one of my favorites, The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k.  Even now that I’ve become vegan I still want to do this one.  I’m a chocolate fan plain and simple.  I love chocolate in any form or state.  But that’s not what this post is about so I digress…….

The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k

Named one of America’s sweetest races, it is also one of the nation’s fastest growing races.  The goodie bag alone made me drool.


image (2)

Did I mention there was an after party? Oh yeah there is.  A party filled with hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and yummy things for dipping, and music.  They even have fun things for your kids to play on like bouncy houses.

The best thing about this race is the charity they team up with.  Ronald McDonald house helps families and children in medical crisis stay close to their hospital for little or no charge. Check out their website here

Nashville Hot Chocolate 15k website Here’s the Nashville website for the race but there are plenty more if you want to find one near you.  Who wants to run the Nashville one with me on Valentine’s Day next year????

Have a happy weekend,


photo (19)


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