My new love, the Nutribullet


So, my parents this year decided to surprise me and my 2 brothers with Christmas in July.  Our gift was a Nutribullet.  Before the Nutribullet I’d been through more blenders than I can really even count.  My latest was a professional bar blender that was ok.  I mean it was definitely not this.  It’s been a complete and total dream with my going vegan and also with my trying to get more greens in my life. 

Every morning I have a green smoothie.  Mine came with 3 cups, 2 small and 1 large.  I use a small one (sometimes if I’m hungry then I use the large cup and add more of each) and fill half with kale or spinach, half a peeled grapefruit, half a peeled lime, some frozen pineapple and frozen strawberries.  I fill it up to the max line with Green tea.  It’s such a good metabolism booster and all the citrus just sets me off on the right foot for the day. It’s also a good light meal option pre-run.

In the afternoon I like to do either a fruit one with coconut water as my liquid or a banana/oats/peanut butter one with unsweetened almond milk as my liquid.  I try to mix it up every day.  The banana/oats/peanut butter one keeps me full until dinner.  I usually have to grab a little something to go with the fruit and coconut water smoothie.

I’ve found in the Nutribullet it’s best to use a mix of fresh and frozen fruits(I buy fresh, organic and freeze them myself)  and veggies for the best turnout.  It creates a cold but not slushy like outcome.  Often though I find, especially here during summer, I want that slushy type of drink.  Then I just do all frozen fruit with either green tea or coconut water.  Plain water is also a good option too if you don’t want any added flavor to your fruits.  I’m a pureist sometimes so that’s why I suggest the plain water, sometimes you just wanna taste the fruit plain and simply.

So, if you’re in the market for a new blender maybe check out the Nutribullet.  It could be everything you’re looking for. 

And, thank you Mom and Dad for the early Christmas.  Taking advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies at the farmers market has been awesome.

Until next time ❤




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