On my way……..becoming vegan

After much thought and a week full of food documentaries I have decided to make the plunge into the vegan world.
I put a lot of thought into this first post. I wanted to do something personal but interesting at the same time. So, as I sit here watching my kids play I’m making the jump.
I’ve been a vegetarian all my life as far as I can remember but the love of cheese kept me from going all in. I was also eating Greek yogurt a lot too. I was under the impression that the more protein the better. I was doing way more harm than good. There are about 5 pounds of belly fat (maybe closer to 7-8 if I’m honest) that no matter what I’ve done would not come off. I ran, weight lifted, yoga’d, lowered calories……nothing worked. So last Monday I decided to given vegan a try. I noticed a difference in the first 3 days around my stomach area. I’ve never felt more amazing and the good news is I can eat. I can eat quite a bit actually since everything going into my mouth is plant based. This week has opened my eyes to the change that needed to happen. Check out Hungry For Change and the Engine 2 Diet on Netflix (those were the first 2 I watched) and also Food Matters if you are looking for a huge health change.
Next post, I’m going to sing the praises of my nutribullet. Until then 🙂 Big vegan kisses, Denise


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